Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Year in Petticoats

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, my Band of Wild Petticoats! January 4th will mark exactly one year of petticoat rustling and peeking at the underthings of literature. And, oh my! It has been quite a year... One of the best things about the year has been sharing life, literature, and art on this blog. The Band of Wild Petticoats now has over 50 posts and has generated over 11,700 views--that's a lot of petticoat rustling! On the Eve of the New Year, before we all eat our grapes and bid farewell to 2013, I thought it would be fun to look back and see what we've been up to...

The 5 most popular posts of the blog so far, according to my stats, were:

And some of my favorite moments from the year were:

#1 Rustling petticoats across the United States and abroad. 
My journey to Maranhão, Brazil
My journey to the Midwest
Small journeys in Colorado
Finding the meaning of Home
#2 Becoming a Master (code for: getting my wizard's robes).
The preparation
The commencement 
  #3 Natural disasters and the End Times. 
Colorado rains
Reading the apocalypse 
#4 Some poems, some prose
                        Cross-dressing in Golden Age Spanish fiction

Cowpuncher Poets
The short fiction of Harry Crews

#5 Some song, some dance, some nice ideas
Neo Fantasy Music

Here's to rustling for another year! May you have a very happy New Year filled with art, books, songs and petticoats. Until next year--keep rustling! 

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